Google Ads PPC


Advertising Campaigns with Google Ads PPC

Google Ads campaigns are typically goal based. The campaign goals fall into the following categories:

  • Sales - Drives sales online, in an app, by phone or instore
  • Leads - Get leads and other conversions by encouraging customers to take action
  • Website traffic - Get the right people visiting your website
  • Product and brand consideration - Encourage people to explore your product or services
  • Brand awareness and reach - Reach a broad audience and build awareness
  • App promotion - Get more installs and interactions for your app
  • Custom - Use any of the available campaign types and construct a campaign step-by-step without the goal’s recommendations

Campaign types:

Search, Display, Shopping, Video, Smart

Search - Get more sales with text or call ads that show near search results of, on Google search partners sites and more

Display - Get more sales by showing visually striking ads across the web (online, in-app, in-store), and optimise your campaign’s performance with automated bidding, targeting and ad creation

Shopping - Drive online and in-store sales with ads like Showcase Shopping that show on Google Shopping and the Search Network

Video - Get more sales with video ad formats designed to encourage people to purchase your products or services

Smart - Get website sales with automated ads that show on Google, Google Maps and across the web, and take advantage of minimal hands-on ads management.

Following on from campaign types, we can select the different ways you’d like to reach your goals:

  • Website visits
  • Phone calls
  • Shop visits
  • App downloads

Targeting and audiences

We are able to set the locations for your ads by country, city, region or postcode. A radius around a business location can also be set as an ad placement method.

Audience selection can be set to specific groups of people with specific interests, intents and demographics, as estimated by Google. They’re people you can show your ads to.

Data from your audience sources may be used to improve the bidding and targeting of your audience campaigns.

If you have a Google Analytics account, we can use the data collected via a link to Google Ads also to target people that visit your website and websites like yours.


Specific budgets can be assigned to your ads, so you never spend more money than you’d like to. We can set these budgets to a monthly limit or a daily spend that meets your requirements.

Ads assets:

You can get up to 15% higher clickthrough rate by adding carefully constructed extensions to the ads themselves. Because of our marketing expertise and understanding of your brand and its messages, we are then able to reinforce the advertising goals with Ad assets.

Ad Groups:

Ad Groups are where we research and create lists of Keywords and Keyword phrases. These Keywords are carefully researched and chosen to meet a balance between popularity and cost. If you always choose very popular Keywords, then your ads will most likely reach fewer people for your desired budget. This is because the popular Keywords cost much more than the less popular ones. Therefore, you would exhaust your budget faster, and the ad will receive fewer clicks.


Combining marketing excellence and Search Engine Optimisation to deliver better-performing ads. We provide all data collected over the course of all campaigns and also use this data to improve the results of future campaigns. By adding Google advertising to our services, A.D. are able to reinforce marketing strategies on multiple platforms, which helps our clients to outperform their competitors.