Portfolio Websites

by Ollie Smith

Portfolio websites are best used to support your brand online, an ideal choice when you want to improve customer engagement and introduce your business to new audiences, helping them to understand more about you.

Responses from my clients are always positive, I love helping my clients online and enjoy repeatedly exceeding their expectations. One comment from a new client that I built a portfolio website for was, that they didn't believe they could have a professional website as they thought it was out of their reach. Once they had a website that worked as well as it looked, they began to see more potential and started to develop their business model.

SEO for Porfolio websites

All of our websites are designed and built including Search Engine Optimisation. We leverage the latest technology in website design to date and employ tried and tested methods that improve the presence of our websites in relevant search engine results.


If you are looking for a perfect platform to promote your business online then look no further. Start smaller and grow big with our pay by the page development. This is a great way to take your growing business online without investing too much money up front.

Custom designed

We specialise in making fast, secure and mobile friendly websites that are as unique as you are. If you are looking for original designs that raise the bar on website design and creativity then look no further.

Faster than competitors

Speed is important, so we are super thrilled to tell you that our sites are between 54% and 91% faster than other websites tested. This is achieve through keeping to the best practises for optimising website construction. Fewer plugins, cleaner code, optimised imagery, better website hosting and website delivery using a reliable CDN (content delivery network).

Mobile web design page

Quality website hosting

We use one the best hosting providers in the world, Siteground. If you were to go to them directly you would spend more money than letting us manage your hosting. All of our websites are supported and you never have to worry about the technical side of keeping your website online.

Security and maintenance

Website security is important and we take this very seriously. That is why we make daily backups of your website. Our hosted websites also use state of the art encryption via SSL certificates.

Keeping your website running smoothly is another thing to consider. We have competetive pricing for maintenance and even give you the option to manage the website updates yourself.

Content management

Many people are interested in editing existing and adding new content to their websites. We offer various levels of content management included, from Contributors to Editors or up to Admin. We are also able to create unique rolls and control the level of access a particular user has.